the BluDot swap meet

In conjunction with showing some of my new work at the Cobalt Gallery this March, I thought it would be fun to submit some items to the’s swap meet. I could use a new work chair on wheels!

So, for the swap:

Two of my book sculptures for someone to mount on their wall or lay flat on a shelf in exchange for a sculptural piece of seating for my work space. This duo has matching red & black binding which acts a minimal frame. Fantastic book titles: ‘Dear Me’ ‘Good to Great’

Hope you can stop by to give me your vote! My entry:


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One Response to the BluDot swap meet

  1. Robert Gignac says:

    You carved up a copy of “Good to Great” – as a business writer that is pretty funny. Then again – ironic – you’ve taken a “good” book and made “great” art!

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