Merry Christmas

A Christmas mailer… I’m never this late. I totally missed the last date to send a mailer that would be received by my family, friends & favourite customers in time for Christmas… my apologies. I only came up with my idea yesterday & cut & folded the parts last night at my friend’s house whilst drinking a sparkling Cider Royale (you may want the recipe below). Layed out & photographed this morning on my kitchen floor… and now here it is. Even though it seems rushed & last minute, it still holds all of the heart felt sentiment that this greeting brings… so Merry Christmas!.. and if you don’t hear from me: Happy New Years as well. All the best in health, happiness & good fortune in 2012!

Love, Benjamin

Cider Royale: All ingredients to be chilled before hand. In a champagne flute pour: 1 oz vodka, ½ oz Ice Wine, top glass with cider, we used Rekorderlig Elderflower (beautiful fragrance). Say Cheers to each other & enjoy!


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2 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. This is really lovely, as are the wreaths. Your work reminds me a little of my friend Curtis:

    • Thanks for your kind words, & now that I’ve seen your friend’s work, thanks again, his work is great!
      I’m always curious to know how people find me. I googled & found your site & your work is fantastic! I love the insanity of the Ikea quilt.
      Yours & Curtis’ work speak to a proverb that I believe in: “the zen of monotony”.
      Cheers, & Happy Weekend!

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