the sketchbook challenge

“Do at least one creative thing in your sketchbook every day.”
That was the challenge posted by ARTiculations. At the end of the month they would accept your sketchbook for their Earl Selkirk Gallery space where it would be on view, available for anyone to look through.
I dropped off my sketchbook yesterday. The show opens today.
My definition of sketchbook may not be the same as others… for me the sketch part of the process is a loose piece of work, an idea or experiment I had been thinking about & that I wanted to execute in small just to make a sample. Maybe I’ll revisit the idea in the future, as something I’ll show for gallery or custom work. My first pieces were on big paint chips, I liked the 3.5 x 8″ dimension & I ended up using this size for all that were to follow. I can’t say I did one everyday as it wasn’t a regular process. Some days there were none, and one day I did 5 just to catch up. A few days ago, I gathered up my sketches, photographed them and put them in a spiral bound book. The pieces aren’t in order of execution but there is a sort of flow. I’ll be posting one or two a day, a slow leak for the duration of the show.

Appropriate opener? I do like playing with type. The circles were punched from scraps of map paper left over from this project.

To follow, a simple phrase cut out of remainders from my paper globe. Cutting it out once made enough for 2 sketches in positive / negative. I couldn’t decide which vintage inspired colourway I liked more. All 3 of these pieces are on gorgeous paint chip colours from Sarah Richardson’s collection for Para.


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  1. these are so cool! šŸ™‚

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