full moon

One of the submissions I have been working on incorporates a few of the things that cause me to daydream: night skies & the moon, the origami process, watching ink flow, & song lyrics that remind me of moments in my own personal history.

The title for this piece is sometimes there are thirteen full moons in a year.BWieler white ink
Each full moon is an origami construction using double face paper. The inside of each square is coated in ink & iridescent acrylic as well as lyrics to favourite song.
BWieler white ink 2Here’s the 13 song playlist (+ one extra for understandable measure)
1 – Harvest Moon
2 – Moon River
3 – That’s Amore
4 – Fly Me to the Moon
5 – Everyone’s Gone to the Moon
6 – Moonshadow
7 – Man on the Moon
8 – The Killing Moon
9 – Pink Moon
10 – Moondance
11 – Blue Moon
12 – The Whole of the Moon
13 – There’s a Moon in the Sky
14 – Clare de Lune

I’ll post the finished piece soon.


About Benjamin Wieler

artist / designer - my blog: https://bwieler.wordpress.com/ - my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/bookBW - find me on instagram: https://instagram.com/bookbw/
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