Some Restrictions May Apply

I’m proud to have my work featured on the invitation for this new group show opening Thursday, July 3, 2014 at Propeller Gallery. Hope to see you there!

Propeller Invitation Some Rrestrictions may apply

BWieler Numerical Sequence Composition 2zxNumerical Composition 1 – black ink drawing on book paper collage.

For this new series, I’ve used a few books that I remembered from the reading list of my high school English classes. At one time or another these books have been challenged for their inclusion in the curriculum due to their content which was considered to be: obscene, negative, blasphemous, pro-communist, sexually explicit & degrading, racially charged, anti-Christian, profane, vulgar, referencing suicide, & undermining morality.

I thought about book banning & other acts of censorship like text redaction & how the emergence of random patterns via these blackened lines became visually interesting.

I proceeded to redact the text of these books to create graphic compositions inspired by numeric sequences, in this case, Fibonacci’s spiral. These are perfect circles in the positions of the golden ratio numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,….I don’t black out the text entirely but rather allow the words to remain somewhat legible. This hint of what lies beneath the imposed visual restriction generates curiosity for the original content. Restriction effectuating creativity.

Art directing censorship.

BWieler Numerical Sequence Composition 2 ax


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