Free Art

‘Free Art’ is a term I use. It’s like a gift with purchase. It’s what happens when the drop shadow of a sculpture is more interesting than the original work. It’s the subliminal imagery you didn’t know would be in your work, but you like the added depth, even if only you find it.

So after photographing a series of altered books for the upcoming group show at Cobalt Gallery, I found a few fragments of free art. This one in particular is from the altered book titled Romance Stories, and it does have a romantic element to it, with a book paper text phrase ‘I do love you’ fixed to the chandelier drop. The text is magnified & also refracted by the facets in the glass, revealing a few x’s & o…
Cue the rolling of the eyes now!BWieler Romantic Stories 7134x

What do you see when you look inside the cut out from an angle; a pattern of quilled paper hearts, made from the text of the book. BWieler Romantic Stories 7136xxThe show opens tomorrow, more info here.



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