Benjamin Wieler is a Canadian contemporary artist with an extensive and varied creative career.  His interest in art & design began at a young age, earning him a summer study scholarship from The Art Gallery of Ontario in 1982. It was followed by studies at Sheridan College School of Fashion where he graduated with honours in 1985. His career advanced in the fashion industry where he designed & developed product with related brand collateral for the North American market. In addition to large companies, he enjoyed commissions at boutique firms where the small scale production allowed for the intimacy of the handmade philosophy. For a time this professional path provided Benjamin opportunity to contribute his design skills and to acquire new creative specialties.

Benjamin crafts his own aesthetic influenced by his interest in the Victorian age and early 20th to mid century modern eras in art, design and cinema. Ongoing threads in his serial works are sculptural paper compositions, decorative objets d’art and mixed media embroideries. Much of his work consists of repeated minimalist elements that when forged together, generate the larger composition. He sometimes mixes his  graphic point of view with heartfelt romantic notions and at other times, with a humourous wink. “His is an art of exacting precision with layers of intricacy.”

Benjamin’s artwork & installations can be found in corporate collections in the USA, as well as private collections globally.

P.S. If Benjamin were a contestant on Jeopardy, his 7 dream categories would be:

Book Jackets
Cava, Champagne or Prosecco?
Falling on Ice
Folding Paper

For interest in Benjamin’s work, please contact:

Some of the work featured here can be purchased at bookBW.etsy.com
Follow Benjamin on Instagram at bookBW.

All designs, text and images © Benjamin Wieler.
No duplication without written permission.


2 Responses to About

  1. sawatzkyart says:

    Your art is fascinating. Talked to your sister Nettie at the Supperstore and that’s how I found your artwork.
    Happy creating

    • Hi Mr or Miss or Mrs or Ms Sawatzky! Thanks for your kind words. It would be nice to add a name to thank though??? There isn’t anything on your blog other than your fine paintings. Surely you can’t be that paranoid of the internet? Love your still lives! Best, Benjamin

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